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Dov Jacobson

Managing Director
Atlanta, GA USA
GamesThatWork works with creative scientists, practitioners and administrators to make meaningful games. The studio's values have been refined by eleven years of collaboration with these committed individuals.

A GamesThatWork game offers more than facile badgification or a simple edutainment. It is a unique design whose mechanics illuminate the learning objectives and allow players to exercise new behaviors. Its win conditions guide the player to master the target domain.

Dov's skills are rooted in the entertainment industry: His career began with coin-op arcade games and includes leadership of several commercial studios (Turner, Cyberiad) and creative direction of many award-winning titles (Gettysburg, Dinotopia, Luna Tic). He headed a popular game-making program at NYU. GamesThatWork now employs a dozen staffers in Atlanta and a worldwide network of contributing talent.

Play with purpose.

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