Michael D. Gallagher

Michael (Mike) D. Gallagher is president and CEO of the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), the trade association representing U.S. computer and video game publishers.

Mr. Gallagher joined ESA in 2007. Under his leadership, ESA engages in activities that demonstrate the influence of entertainment software on areas of daily life such as education, health and the workplace. He frequently appears as the public face of the industry and regularly serves as an expert resource for major media outlets, including CNN, Associated Press, The New York Times, The Washington Post, NBC News and CBS News.

Mr. Gallagher’s interest in the broader uses of games helped ESA adopt a focus on highlighting the value of video games as next-generation learning tools, and their increasing incorporation into classrooms. His accomplishments include ESA’s sponsorship of the National STEM Video Game Challenge, part of the White House-led Educate to Innovate campaign. In addition, Mr. Gallagher served on the judging panel for the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s “Apps for Healthy Kids” competition.